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Congressman Bob Good, R-Va. "The Covered Chaplaincy organization is providing vital resources for counseling and support to law enforcement officers and families, and acts as a bridge to support healthy relationships between the departments and the greater Bedford Community..."

Mike Miller, Sheriff, Bedford County, Virginia "Chaplain Smith is an asset to our department, and we value his continuing support. I give my highest recommendation to Chaplain Smith in his continuing endeavors as a chaplain and the ministry to first responders."

Wes Nance, Commonwealth Attorney for Bedford County "Covered provides essential spiritual support for our first responders, their family members and the community at large. In these challenging times for all enforcement, Covered is there to support their work through prayer and advocacy. I greatly appreciate the efforts of Mike Smith and this Christian outreach program for all of our officers."

Edgar Tuck, Bedford Board of Supervisors "There is no greater service that a person can provide to our first responders and community at large than to offer intercessory prayers on their behalf, calling upon our God's faithfulness to be their shield and rampart. Chaplain Mike's ministry in this area is crucial to the overall success of our law enforcement agencies and the physical and spiritual health of our first responders.”

Todd Foreman, former Town of Bedford Police Chief "I would recommend Chaplain Smith to anyone as he is of good character and willing to assist in any way he can. I give my highest recommendation to Chaplain Smith in his endeavors s a Chaplain and working with all first responders."

Pastor David Cummings, Bedford "The Chaplaincy for both county and town can only be seen as an asset. I couldn’t tell you how many blessings I received since the ministries Inception. To all LEOs across this country “chappy” has got your back. Back the Blue with prayers and supplication!"

Rick Morrison, Retired Police Captain "As a thirty plus year law enforcement professional and now a law enforcement consultant and trainer, it has been a blessing and honor to know Pastor Michael Smith during my time at the Roanoke City Police Department. As a police Chaplain Pastor Smith provided encouragement, support, and spiritual guidanceto me and many others in the police department. Law enforcement is a difficult profession and cops see a lot of bad things; it is always comforting to know Chaplains like Pastor Smith are willing to give of their time to minister to us cops. Chaplain Smith has made a difference in many cops emotional and spiritual journey including mine. Thank you, Pastor Smith, for being obedient to your calling!"

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