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Chaplain Training

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Basic Training Courses for Chaplains

Covered Chaplaincy offers training for credentialing by the International Conference of Police Caaplains (ICPC). These classes are hosted by Chaplain Mike Smith, a registered trainer of ICPC. To learn more about Basic Training Courses, please visit the ICPC overview at their website.

Fields of Study

The Basic Training Course covers the following ten classes and is typically held over a 4 day period over 2 weeks (example: Friday and Saturday & Friday and Saturday).


CB01 Understanding Law Enforcement Chaplaincy
CB02 Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Basics
CB03 Legal Aspects of Chaplaincy

CB04 The Law Enforcement Family
CB05 Responding to the Call-Out

CB06 Characteristics of Stress
CB07 Suicide
CB08 Department-Agency Incidents

CB09 Death Notification
CB10 Self-Care for the Chaplain

Who Can Attend

Sponsored by a grant from the

Cost to Attend

Anyone can attend our classes. We do not require any specific faith community, nor do we restrict based on faith. Additionally, we welcome those who have ordinations, as well as those who would be considered "lay" ministers. We welcome all houses of worship, the general community, and first responder agencies (police, fire, and rescue) to participate in these classes.

Classes that have open public registration have an average cost to attend of $35. This fee covers the cost of registering at ICPC and copyright use of the materials, as well as food and printing. The cost of the trainer(s) is covered by grants we receive throughout the year.

Additional fees may be incurred for classes that are developed and held on-site at an agency or organization, as these are not specifically covered by grants. Costs are negotiable and modest.

Upcoming Training

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