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Community Benevolence

Emergency Financial Assistance: Police officers and other first responders will often encounter members of the community who are in need of critical emergency assistance with things like utilities, food, and even lodging. Sadly, most officers and their departments are not in the position to be able to financially assist these troubled individuals and families.


Through Covered, first responders can tap into the following resources available through our benevolence program and the participation of local churches and organizations.

  • temporary lodging at a local hotel or shelter

  • meals assistance through emergency purchases or meal trains at local churches

  • utility shut off assistance

  • auto fuel purchases

Pastoral Care and Counseling: Our chaplain has specialized training in pastoral care and counseling for those affected by accidents or crimes. Often called to the scene as a first responder himself, the Chaplain is available for all members of the community. He provides:

  • immediate grief counseling on-site at the death or injury of a loved one

  • referrals for specific therapeutic needs

  • referrals for on-going grief counseling and care

  • follow-up care

  • memorial services and vigils

  • hospital visitations and prayer

If you or a church or organization you are a part of would like to partner with us to provide benevolence services, please contact us today.

If you or someone you know may be in need of emergency assistance or pastoral care, please contact us today.

First Responder Care

A Ministry of Presence:

Police and first responder chaplaincy is focused on meeting the spiritual, emotional and mental heath concerns of first responders. Whether in every day encounters or in serious crises, first responders routinely feel the traumatic impact of the violence that encompasses their work. Chaplains help ease this burden by giving them an informal outlet to vent.


On any given day, the Chaplain works closely with officers and staff to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to law enforcement officers by:

  • providing counsel for issues dealing with stress, critical incidents, burnout, family issues, etc.;

  • encouraging sick, injured, and/or bereaved personnel and their families through visitation, meals, greeting cards, emails, phone calls, etc.;

  • participating in ride-along programs and other opportunities for interaction and relationship building;

  • assisting with death notifications, at crime scenes, tragedies, disasters and other incidents where a Chaplain's presence is indicated and beneficial;

  • providing raining to personnel in stress management and family life.

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